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Tasklinks brings multiple task management to the iPhone and makes it a joy to use. Tasklinks for iPhone works by making connections between the things you use to plan, organise and get-things-done. From one central inbox and with an intuitive timeline, Tasklinks effortlessly manages and beautifully presents in one app all your calendars, events, contacts, emails, important documents, photos, notes and reminders. Tasklinks is simple to use and integrates with all of your desktop software and standard iPhone apps. With its fully featured functions Tasklinks for iPhone is a powerful task manager that makes managing multiple tasks, projects and people a breeze.


TasklinksTasklinks intuitive timeline makes it virtually impossible to forget an event, misplace a document, lose an email or drop a contact.

iPhone Contacts Manager 


Tasklinks contacts manager Contacts Manager

People form the greatest links between you and your information. Manage all your contacts with links in Tasklinks - that's all your friends, family and colleagues. When you search a timeline from the contacts view you can find all the photos, files and events that are connected to that person. You can also link contacts to contacts, so if you are managing people at work or organising a party with friends searching from the contacts view makes staying in touch easy.

iPhone Events Manager 


Tasklinks calender and events Events Manager

Tasklinks is the missing link between setting up you calendar events and getting them done. Now you can plan events well in advance and have the confidence to know they will not be missed. By integrating your calendar events seamlessly, Tasklinks brings your calendar events to life. You can see where events are happening with the built-in map view and using the other task managers you can connect with the people who are linked to the events. You can even keep all the important files that relate to any event one touch away when you view events on the timeline.


iPhone Email Manager 

Tasklinks email Email Manager

Email is an essential part of an organised life. Tasklinks integrates your email into task management like never before. With a simple intuitive inbox you can easily sort all of your email. Swipe right to keep an email or swipe left to delete an email. Tasklinks email keeps your inbox tidy and managed. All the emails you keep can be linked into your tasks and when you view your timeline from email view every connection can be clearly seen and easily accessed. Tasklinks makes email amazing once again.


iPhone To-do Task  List Manager 

Tasklinks to-do task list To-do List Manager

Getting things done always generates todo lists. In Tasklinks, todo lists become more than lists of reminders because they relate directly to the events you are managing within the Tasklinks app. You can create multiple todo lists for anything and know they will not be lost or forgotten because you can see them all on your task timelines. Unlike a traditional Todo app, Tasklinks makes the todo list a useful addition to the planning process not the only way to plan or get things done. In Tasklinks you will find you actually complete a todo list - the todo list becomes a todo done.


iPhone File Manager 

Tasklinks Photo & Files Manager Photo & File Manager

Whatever you are planning, there are always important documents you will need to access quickly and easily. Tasklinks links photos and files to your tasks making it easy to find these important things without having to remember where you filed them. Linking booking confirmations to events, family photos to people and reports to colleagues is exceptionally useful and easy to do. File and photo linking with Tasklinks makes the planning process complete and getting things done frustration free.



Ultimate iPhone Organiser

TasklinksThe Ultimate Organiser For Your iPhone.

Tasklinks and the iPhone are the ultimate extension of your desktop. The iPhone allows you to take everything you plan at home and in the office with you, Tasklinks gives you the power to get it all done. Incredibly effective and superbly simple, how will you use yours. . ?


Simon Fuller. Sales Manager
". . .for work"

Tasklinks is ideal for managing a team of sales guys who are on the road each day. Organising schedules for others as well yourself, Tasklinks helps you stay on the ball of constant email updates, sales reports and customer orders. Without Tasklinks, managing a busy team could be a constant juggling act to stay on top of everything. With Tasklinks, it is much easier and hard to imagine a life without it.




Claire Harper. Professional Mum
". . .for home"

When you love your iPhone you just have to try using it to stay organised. The trouble is, it can be a hassle to keep using all the different apps all the time - a bit like trying to stick to a heathy diet or going to the gym. Having two busy kids and one forgetful husband can mean once you slip behind it takes a while to catch up again. Tasklinks is great because you don't need to open lots of apps and it all links with the home computer. It is definitely recommended if you are running a busy life.



Scott Adams - Five-a-side captain.
". . .for fun"

Getting seven spirited but totally disorganised guys together to play football is a challenge . Selecting a team, organising the fixtures and making sure everyone actually turns up is part of that. You get a lot of last minutes injuries, home commitments and other excuses that keep players out of the game. Tasklinks doesn't improve the excuses but it really helps track them. Once the game is over Tasklinks is a great way to keep up with the banter.




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